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CFAC Canine First Aid Kit - 2 in 1 (also supports humans)

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CFAC Canine First Aid Kit - 2 in 1 (also supports humans)

Handsfree Canine First Aid Kit - £30.00

Velcro’s over your belt to wear for easy and quick access

(Do NOT leave kit in car – take with you at all times).


  • Eye bandages – for use on ear injury or to tie together to make makeshift muzzle. A dog that is in pain will bite.
  • Gloves – for collecting specimen sick or poo – to produce to vet if unusual in look, colour and/or texture.
  • Torch – to see gum colour, mouth issues, choke item, embedded object, ears, nasal passages.
  • Saline solution – to flush bite injury – twist of plastic point and place point into hole to clear any bacteria.
  • Dressings – of various shapes to cover wound before placing a bandage or microporous tape
  • Scissors – for cutting fur to get to injury or to cut collar off if dog is trapped by collar to something.
  • Sling – to use as cover deep and/or large wound.
  • Shock blanket – for use if dog is in shock (see pale/white gums) DO NOT USE in heatstroke or seizure situation.
  • Antiseptic wipes – to clean a wound before dressing.
  • Microporous tape – to hold dressing in place.
  • Burns gels – for use on burns – especially good for burnt pads during summer months.

Additional useful items – But do research!!!!  (NOT INCLUDED)

These items are branded so we cannot personally add.  However, in the event of an emergency – these items will support your dog whilst awaiting vet intervention – always contact your vet for support). For use at your own risk.

  • Piriton liquid (Piriton branded Piriton). Make sure you know correct dosage for size and weight of dog – check with vet. Useful for stings, adder bites and anaphylactic shock.
  • Lil-Lets (ladies items) – for use in holes, serious puncture wound – large embedded object that has come out, gun shot wounds etc. Place in wound if size of hole is same as lil-Lets size to stop a serious bleed – also can be used on its side on deep laceration to stop bleed – then bandage. NOTE: Never take out an embedded object – always leave in and take dog to vet – Immediately.

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