Ice Pack (5 - Pack)

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Ice Pack (5 - Pack)

Icepack – dry ice packs which can and should be carried at all times.  NEVER place icepack on the body of a dog without covering the pack with a material (t-towel, sling) as a barrier between ice pack and skin or you will cause an adverse effect (burn skin, compromise cooling in heatstroke etc). Ice pack can be used for heatstroke, stings, sprain or strains. Never leave your dog with icepack in case of ingestion. 5 x Icepacks

Additional useful items – But do research!!!!  (NOT INCLUDED)

These items are branded so we cannot personally add.  However, in the event of an emergency – these items will support your dog whilst awaiting vet intervention – always contact your vet for support). For use at your own risk.

  • Piriton liquid (Piriton branded Piriton). Make sure you know correct dosage for size and weight of dog – check with vet. Useful for stings, adder bites and anaphylactic shock.
  • Lil-Lets (ladies items) – for use in holes, serious puncture wound – large embedded object that has come out, gun shot wounds etc. Place in wound if size of hole is same as lil-Lets size to stop a serious bleed – also can be used on its side on deep laceration to stop bleed – then bandage. NOTE: Never take out an embedded object – always leave in and take dog to vet – Immediately.


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